Prayers with strangers

How odd a feeling it is. A complete stranger offering to say a prayer for me while I’m on the phone with them.

I’d been looking into something else to do on my own since there currently is no point in doing anything for a business that is for all current purposes, dead. Most are disappointing. You need at least 2 basic things and I only have 1. I have lots of time but no money.

Boy was I ever stupid for investing in the family business. Should have known he’d screw me over yet again. So every awesome opportunity that comes by is closed to me in one way or another. Well, there was this one opportunity that I thought was more of a telecommute job. (So far everyone of those opportunities are not jobs you have to invest in them therefore they are business opportunities disguised as jobs to reel you in.) This nice man called to interview me. I told him it sounded great but I just didn’t have money to do something like that at this time.

One of the pitfalls of most sales men is they push. He tried but not to hard. Unfortunately I’m at a breaking point. It’s like a knee jerk reaction.

“Looks like a great deal but I just don’t have money. All my money is tied up in this business with my parents. ” My eyes started to water. Voice starts trembling. “Sometimes when people get older and they get sick they get mean. My father’s trying to throw me in jail & I just don’t know what tomorrows going to bring. I’m stuck in Limbo. I can’t stay here but can’t move forward because what’s the point.”

That’s when he chimed in, “Delilah, would it be okay if I pray for you?”. I was just thinking he was saying it to make me feel better so I said, “sure”. I didn’t expect him to pray for me right then & there on the phone.

It was awkward at first. People say, “I’ll put you in my prayers” but you don’t really expect or think about them doing it. This was the first time I’ve ever had any one do this. I knew it would be rude to say no. So I sat there listening to what he was saying. To be honest I didn’t hear what he said. All I can say is the flood of emotions was a lot but it did make me feel better.

I think the saddest part was how much better a stranger made me feel when many of my own family seem to want nothing better than to throw me under a bus.


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