I died today……

Today I died. You allowed greed & vanity in and pushed me off into the pit of despair as if I was nothing but some used up napkin. You killed me for something that doesn’t exist. Why did you kill me? Greed? Vanity? Insecurity? Why?

You pushed me over that edge and thought you were done with me. What you fail to understand is I will claw my way out through the grit & crime. You won’t recognize me when I’m done.

I died. The world grew dark, cold & alone with my last view being you pushing me to my doom. As I climbed I became anger. As my muscles ached I became vengeance. My joints stiffened & seized as I neared the top of the pit. Once I reached the top covered in the slime & waste of society I became justice.

That thing you saw in the corner of your eye. That thing lurking in the shadow. The thing that makes your hair stand on end for no reason. That’s me. Your fate. Your destiny. Your doom!

To bad you killed me.


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