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I’ve been using Home Chef off & on for about a year. One of the reasons I liked them is great fresh products and the recipes were more suitable towards my husband’s pallet. I’m certainly no Pam Satterfield Dubilier who is a really awesome chef who owns Vital Flair, here in Orlando, FL.

The food you receive is individually packaged and really fresh. You can pause getting meals at any time. The price of meals can vary but, I mostly got the dinners which on average were about $10 per person. Each meal comes with a recipe card that is easy to follow. All recipes for your meals are also available online. As I have been a customer for a while, I have 9 $50 Trial giveaways for those who have never used the service before. Have no fear there are no losers in this giveaway. As everyone else will get $30 on your first purchase. I…

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