Stress test the one test where a high score is not good!

I originally wrote this back in 8/2013. No clue why I didn’t post it then but I’m going to go ahead and do so now. Please feel free to share. Sometimes it helps to share your pain.


Ahh psychology.

DQ #2: Please share the results of your stress self-assessment. Identify one stress reason to change and give suggestions on how you would change this.


My stress-assessment score was 359, 80% chance of illness or accident. Sounds about right, and I can certainly feel it.

The greatest factors contributing to my stress include:

Major change in health or behavior of a family member
Major business readjustments
Major change in financial state
Change to a different line of work
Major increase in fights with spouse
Spouse begins to end work outside of home
Go back to school (should count twice, my husband started school too)
The most stressful reason has been my parents’ health. It’s driven their business in to the ground. My sister and I have done everything to help them, to save their lives and finances, but their actions only seem to show that they wanted to die. I have exactly 38 days to find a home, or sign a lease to my parents and see my rent increase to $550/month. We’re only making $1000/month from my husband’s GI bill, and I’ve spent so much time over the past 24 days desperately looking for a home and a job… on top of being a wife, mother and student.

So, that’s my plan: combat stress with stress. Sure working, being a mom, being a wife, and being a student will be stressful. Yet some how I think it will be less stressful than the past year that was full of emergency surgeries, MRSA infections, my mother losing her eye to MRSA, my father abusing his Fentanyl, my sister and I having to file a Marchman Act against our father, trying to save their business that our father sabotaged, middle of the day (and night) visits from Investigators from the county sheriff’s office questioning me about how I “stole” my father’s business… the list goes on and on. Yet, I’m sure it’s less stressful to follow through on


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