What Turkey Does To Your Body #Food #Thanksgiving @DelilahVeronese

history_bydk_thanksgiving_sf_hd_1104x622-16x9Wrote this in Nov. 2015 for class. So why not share. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

So for years maybe decades, people have blamed the poor turkey for the fatigue after eating a huge Thanksgiving meal. This has always been blamed on the amino acid called L-tryptophan. L-tryptophan is known for helping with insomnia, and other sleeping disorders. The truth is L-tryptophan is in all meats and turkey actually has less in it than any other meat you may consume. So what does Turkey really do to your body?

During Thanksgiving, we have a tendency to overeat which causes our stomachs to 61005_630x473stretch. By overeating your causing your stomach to produce more hydrochloric acid which can lead to heartburn.

The truth about why you get tired of eating the turkey is actually due to all the carbohydrates you eat. When L-tryptophan is combined with carbohydrates your body starts to secrete serotonin which is what makes you sleepy. Without the carbohydrates, you wouldn’t get sleepy.

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