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So I’ve been taking online classes. We had a couple of interesting Forum discussions. Feel free to comment on my posts & replies to other students. Tell me what your thoughts are?

Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development. Which stage of development do you fall under? Based on his theory, what are the positive and negative outcomes? In your opinion, do you think this is accurate? Why or why not?

921138893bc7c8ff2be527cdd236bbd7Understand the stages but some of them seem to be ongoing or not occur in order for myself anyhow. I’m in Generativity vs. stagnation. I don’t have kids so that’s out. Already did the creating a business stage too so that’s out. I wouldn’t say I’m stagnating as becoming an MA does fit into this stage. Although I’m not doing it to make a mark on society as it seems to be often stated with this stage. I just kind of don’t feel this stage is where I actually am. Although it’s possible this is just residual unresolved prior stages.

I don’t fully agree with what you’re saying. I don’t think it’s about loving family members at all. It’s about starting and committing to relationships. By 18 your considered an adult. Your no longer a teen exploring who they are or who they want to be. It almost seems like your talking about 2 stages and combining them into 1. SimplyPsycology. does a really good job of explaining the different levels.

I agree that newborns are helpless and therefore their mother is their whole world. It’s often why babies & toddlers cry when their mom is gone and not so much when it comes to fathers. It is even theorized that lack of love to a newborn is part of what causes the failure to thrive. Apparently, food, shelter & clothing are not enough.

One sister had a son. For the first few years of his life, she was always pawning him off abandonment-autisticon others to watch. He’d always cry for her when she was gone. As much as she’s let him down he still implicitly trusts her. He’s now 18.

My other sister has a daughter. My sister has always been there for her. Like her mom, she doesn’t trust easily, well, except for me which is really weird cause she fights her mom’s tooth and nail about trusting her and she’s only 6. LOL

So would you feel you fall more under generativity or stagnation? I kind of love change & chaos, it’s an adventure. It’s also the part I found most fun with my niece & nephew. Watching them grow and taking the initiative to learn and do things that were not expected of them at their ages.

However, I agree that especially at the adult levels age is not really a factor. Identity crisis is when you’re a teen but now you have Caitlyn Jenner who would fall under this “stage” and choose to become a woman. In order for society to wrap its head around things we generalize and try to fit people into categories but the thing is you can be a jock & a nerd.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You will always be constantly redefining who you are. 20 yrs ago if you told me I’d love running, I would have laughed. The thing is it took a whole lot of things to fall into place to make me want to try it and love it. By the way going to school is part of that process. ;D Hang in there.

LOL, I bet we both read the same article. Throughout most of this stage, I choose to stay mostly isolated. It’s hard to want a meaningful relationship with someone when the world is full of break-ups, split families and 4 seconds long marriages, (Ok it was like 3 minutes…). With things like eHarmony, JDate etc…. you’d think it would make things easier but, it seems to make things awkward.

Relationships are a lot of work too almost more work that it was to start one.

Sadly, it’s not easy being true to one’s self. As we get older we discover what we can and can’t do anymore as well as deciding we no longer want the things we use to want.

Thanks, working one on one is more rewarding. This is a 2nd career. I enjoyed working with computers but it wasn’t rewarding and very stressful.

I think part of why especially women wait till later years is they try to be career focused so that it’s established and better prepared for building a family and settling down. Also as we get older our feelings changed. I love kids but, didn’t think I’d ever find someone worthy. Granted that changed for me as I got older.


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