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130402150159_1_900x600So I’ve been taking online classes. We had a couple of interesting Forum discussions. Feel free to comment on my posts & replies to other students. Tell me what your thoughts are?

Stress can have a very real and serious effect on our health. Think of a time when you, or someone you know, experienced a very stressful event(s) in your/their life. What happened to your/their health? How did you/they cope with your stress and regain your/their health?

So many instances to talk about which one to choose. Gee this is stressful. LOL and not write a book about it.

One sick parent is stressful but having both of them go down at the same time is hell! None of us were aware of the full extent of our parent’s health issues. My mom was under a ton of stress caring for our dad. She never once mentioned how stressed out she was till they were about to go on a cruise. My dad couldn’t walk. Years of using opioids for arthritis pain slowed down his ability to heal and suffered from bed sores. He also suffered from ulcer colitis, opioid constipation but the medication also caused diarrhea and incontinence.

For months my mother had complained to doctors about difficulty swallowing. 2 days before they were to go on their cruise, my mom ended up in the ER with an emergency 5 hour stomach surgery. According to the doctors, years of stress weaken your immune system. In my mother’s case, it caused an ulcer that became cancerous and burst through her stomach wall. Unfortunately, little did we know that a few weeks later she would be faced with a second life threatening health issue. The hospital caused her to get MRSA causing her to loose her eye on top of all of this.

All this and then started Chemo she wasn’t the same before the chemo but, she was even less of herself after chemo. It was like she gave up. too many things all at once was just too hard for her to handle.

I lost my grandmother a long time ago and it was hard I was there in the room when shelucinda-bassett-231 passed. It was hard. It’s a hard pill to swallow that it’s part of life and things continue.

After a year of dealing with my sick parents, I couldn’t sleep but for a few hrs. it was hard to keep things straight and some days I didn’t even know what day it was. Did you find a way to relax and destress? I’m still learning but, this helped me I hope it’s of use to you.

Lucinda Basset: Relaxation techniques

Even though it’s been 3 years, my condolences Andriza. 2014 is the same year, I lost both my parents. Every day is hard. I still have days where I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.


Losing a parent at such a young age is so hard to imagine. How were you able to deal with the stress? It broke my heart when my friend Toni passed leaving her 12 yr old daughter behind. Sierra was never the same but I was really proud of how she bounced back.

Cyberhug. hug-memes-feeling-a-cyber-hug-is-simply-conforting

That’s awful Jacqueline. I hope he has/is recovering well. Not managing time properly does add more stress. You were lucky to have so much family around to help. My mom’s family is large but they don’t live down here. So when she was sick, my 4 aunts demanded constant calls and updates. It was hard telling them I don’t have time to call you that we are going to have to use Social Media to be kept up to date.

Cyberhug for you and your family.

That’s double awful! People can be so cruel. When my sister left her 10 yr old son behind he wasn’t the same. He doesn’t connect with people like he use to, he felt lost and abandon. Granted it doesn’t compare to losing your mom in front of you but people thinking that made your boyfriend retarded pisses me off at their cruel stupidity.

Aw, that sucks, clearly, she wasn’t forthcoming when she said you could move in. This happened to my husband’s daughter. She wanted to live with his half-sister. His half-sister made her cook, clean and be her live-in babysitter.

I know dealing with your parents separating is hard but avoiding it doesn’t relieve the stress. I know as an adult it’s hard. Why don’t you try talking to your parents? Ask them to do a family night where you and your sister can tell them how this is making you guys feel. It will be hard but I bet it will help with the stress levels you’re dealing with.

I can totally relate. When I worked for Sam’s, they left me alone to run the cafe. It was horrible! A line stretching forever, taking orders, payments & making the orders. Sometimes people are understanding and well, sometimes they are not.  All you can do is close your eyes, take a deep breath and just go one step at a time.

Have you found any techniques that help you through the anxiety?

Melissa that is how I felt too! there was more to the stress than just losing my parents but it just kept building and building to a point where it all collapses and spirals out of one thing into the next.

04-gut-bacteria-can-directly-affect-anxiety-behavior-and-emotional-healthBeing a bit obsessed with dealing with stress I recently read an article, “Psychobiotics: Hit Stress & Anxiety In The Gut!“. My cousin was feeding my mom garbage frozen foods. Since her absorption of nutrition was not as good due to the removal of part of her stomach. I’m going to say that even eating habits are a contributor.

I noticed, that at my lowest points when stress and anxiety were at their highest, I was eating junk fast food because there was no time for cooking. When I started eating healthier and exercising my stress levels went down as well as being able to sleep better.

LOL, and sometimes we just need a wake-up call. When I was taking classes on campus there was no time to go for a run. It wasn’t until last weekend I realized how much I missed it and how much progress I’d lost for not doing it.

Good girl! I know I don’t know you but, I am proud you hung in there. Although I’m not a mom, I had the same issues. It broke my heart that this girl in my class only had 3 classes to finish and she dropped out. Often we are our own worst enemies. You had a goal and you’re pushing through it.

As an alternative way to spend time with your kids, you could go walking some of Florida’s trails with your kids. You’ll not only be spending time with them but, be doing something healthy for all of you. Keep up the good work!

I had goals like that when I did telemarketing and it can be rough meeting goals for various reasons but, when I was doing commission sales for quill it was absolutely miserable. Every business needs paper for printers and copiers but, convincing them that when they should get them from you instead of Staples, is hard. Even harder when you don’t get paid for your sales.

I found myself frustrated and crying in my car. The moment I realized I was done and needed to find something else, the stress went away.

So many people have a hard time coming to that realization. Good job, and once you realized prioritizing and managing your time, it sounds like that helped you cope with the stress.

Aw, that’s awful. My condolences to Moore. When I worked on Healthwave in KS, I heard similar stories all too often where the stress of being pregnant caused them to miscarry. I’m glad she’s doing better though.


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