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stock-photo-intelligence-symbol-conceptual-design-creative-thinking-icon-isolated-on-white-background-126523163So I’ve been taking online classes. We had a couple of interesting Forum discussions. Feel free to comment on my posts & replies to other students. Tell me what your thoughts are?

In your experience, how would you describe intelligence? Do you think IQ testing is reliable and a valid way to test our level of intelligence? Explain.

Intelligence is defined as “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills”.  You can get a high IQ and still come off seeming dumber than a box of rocks. I’ve even seen the IQ of various politicians being used as for why one is stupid for voting for them. In a way, I’ve always felt that IQ tests don’t tell quite the picture.

When I worked in programming, I knew a guy who could recite to you like an encyclopedia, he had the higher degree, went to a 4 yr college. Yet, when it came to trying to apply that knowledge it was difficult.  Many of my co-workers would say he was dumb yes, to a degree he was dumb but, if I couldn’t recall how a piece of old code with a weird command worked he could always spout it out to me.

I just think there’s different types of intelligence, book smart, street smart, emotionally smart. So basically how we judge and intelligence and what we consider intelligent are different things.

True, many think those that suffer from Autism, Dyslexia & Learning disabilities are stupid. The thing is they are not. Can’t talk so much about Autism from a personal level but, the other 2 I can. They affect your reading comprehension. I’m not sure on today’s testing methods but 30yrs ago, that would be why they’d hold kids back over & over instead of coming up with resources to help them succeed. Today you have more tools available.

I’m not really sure what would be a good way to test. I was listening to Science Friday iq-testswith Ira Flatow the other day and it was funny they were talking about how although those that suffer from mental illnesses and learning disabilities have their handy caps, they have their strengths too. People like to define and have a number attached to help them judge because a one on one interview & perception is just to time consuming.

In some parts of the country, placement tests are done before entering 1st grade. When I was little pre-school was not a requirement. So I could read prior to first grade when many couldn’t. So they placed me in a high paced class. When I couldn’t keep up they wanted to put me back a grade into readiness.

When my husband tells people he’s a high school drop out they make the scrunched up face. By today’s standards, they’d say he was ADHD but the thing is he was really bored with school. It was too slow.

It requires funding and many schools can’t cater to individual needs, children are required to fit in general broad categories or be left behind, which is what happens so often even today.

Sounds interesting, Where did you get this info from? My short term is short. I locked my keys in the car and it wasn’t till an hour later, that I realized I didn’t have them. LOL

I disagree from experience. Gamers can vary so depending on their came style but for the most part, it’s not much strategy in games unless you’re playing a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and doing a dungeon or Player vs. Player (PVP).

I wonder by smokers, in today’s age that needs to be clarified. Weed smokers yes but, I’ve never seen any signs of this from tobacco smokers.

I do agree on the anxiety though. One classmate would be saying the answers right before the test and then comes time for the test and can’t recall what they were.

Also, sleep effects that score too! LOL

65282_549450878421696_327762933_nI can totally relate. True everyone learns differently. I think in some ways, intelligence is not just learning but applying that knowledge as well as retaining it.


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