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major_perspectives_of_social_psychology_112697So I’ve been taking online classes. We had a couple of interesting Forum discussions. Feel free to comment on my posts & replies to other students. Tell me what your thoughts are?

Which of the of the Four Major Perspectives of Psychology (Wade & Tavris, 2017, pgs. 18-20) do you find most interesting or in line with your own views? Why? Give examples.

I actually found them all to be interesting but especially the learning perspective. People often wonder why one child grows and becomes successful while another child from the same family spirals out of control. Granted biologics do come into play but the environment one child grows up in can be very different from the child only a year younger. Technology, parenting and other things in one’s environment all come into play. Also, they react with different teacher and friends who help us adapting their behaviors to reflect those around them.

I so often hear people talk about gangs or the way a religious group acts. We find that mockingbirdbehavior odd or even criminal but, often forget they came from a different environment where it’s considered acceptable.


Not just the healthy brain. Disease and Hereditary traits are also part of the biological approach. Many think that a person who suffers from disorders like Depression & Bipolar have unhealthy brains but, biological looks at in a per individual basis and not my brain compared to your brain. It’s kind of like when your 6 yrs old and you wonder what makes the calculator work, so you pick it apart piece by piece understanding that pressing this button sends a signal down this pathway on this calculator but the pathway on another calculator is very different.


Very interesting although childhood experiences fall under Learning perspective as it is part of their environment. My understanding is it is more about brain chemistry & hormones. It has been found that some mental health disorders like Schizophrenia are hereditary but as to what causes it science hasn’t revealed yet.

Causes of Schizophrenia (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


Many people get upset when you point out how one’s religion shapes how we behave and think but it’s true. For example, Muslims & Jews don’t normally eat pork. Why? “you may eat any animal that has cloven hooves and chews its cud. Lev. 11:3; Deut. 14:6. Any 330px-religionesland mammal that does not have both of these qualities is forbidden.” Although, the hidden truth behind it is pigs are filthy unclean animals is often cited as the response, it has been stated by some Rabbis that one person noticed how people kept getting sick when they eat pork and how it’s easier to get the masses to stop eating it because God said, then I think this meat makes you sick. Granted today we know that if you don’t cook pork thoroughly you can get Trichinella Spiralis.

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