Right-Brained or Left-Brained? #Brains @DelilahVeronese

left-right-brain_enSo I’ve been taking online classes. We had a couple of interesting Forum discussions. Feel free to comment on my posts & replies to other students. Tell me what your thoughts are? What were your results? Do you agree with the findings disagree? Why?

Right-Brained or Left-Brained? For this week’s discussion take the short quiz in this link: Left-Brain/Right-Brain Test 

Well, I got exactly what I thought I’d get, 50/50. Despite growing up always hearing from my dad about right brain left brain, I do believe some are more dominant on one side than the other. The thing is people always said, one side or the other and never indicated a middle.

Although, the article: “The Truth About The Left Brain / Right Brain Relationship” Suggests it’s more of a top-bottom issue it does take both sides to do the math and many other things.

Yes, Melisa, I do believe my results were correct. When I read the description it described 21787591bb7422ad88c25c2800af4f4dmy way of thinking really well. I’ve met lots of people that were very creative but when it came to logical thinking, they came up with may ways to get out of those type of conversations. I’ve also seen the reverse, there are people who are almost Spock like in their logic and have a hard time thinking outside the box.

Being more right or left is not wrong or bad. According to another article, I read, “Left Brain vs Right Brain Dominance: The Surprising Truth“, the whole right/left brain thing is a myth. Granted I read this after reading an article why we still believe fake news is real even after facts providing its false news. So despite the fact that it said that science disproves this theory, I do still believe in its concept.

The Problem With Facts

170227_r29468-863x1200-1487272099I’ve always chocked it up to the Learning Disability. Conventional learning didn’t work well for me. So I’ve always had to go outside the box to teach myself. Like one article stated the use of both sides of our brain are what help us to understand and learn things better. I think often we try to force square pegs into round holes and not look for a larger round hole for the square peg to fit into.

I totally get the everything in its place. It’s part of what I enjoy about filing. It’s so uber annoying when names are spelled incorrectly. Sometimes knowing what’s coming is great but, part of life is we won’t always know about that rogue White Squall. However, we can plan for them and how we react to them.


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