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psychology_nature_or_nurture_tshirt-rc7057e40892c444bb63a5a10a24107a0_804go_512So one of our discussions in psychology was this…

Explain Nature Vs. Nurture. How have you seen this in action in your life? Share some examples of things about you or someone you know and their behavior that can be attributed to nature and another example that you feel must be due to nurture.

Below are posts I made. Feel free to leave your own responses in the comment section I want to know what you think.

Maybe it’s just me, the book didn’t really seem to go into Nature vs. Nurture. So I did some research. I don’t think one has more control over us than the other. I think it’s more like a combination of the two. I’ve seen people grow up in horrible conditions like Liz Murray and turn out great and go to Harvard. Then you have individuals that have loving parents and yet turn out like The Mendez brothers.


I don’t disagree with what you said, but that isn’t always the case. You can love all your kids the same but, they don’t always turn out to be the same. My sister’s a perfect example. My parents pretty much cared for us all the same but, when my sister got pregnant it was in my dad’s nature to help out. Sadly, the more he helped the greedier she got but, that was in her nature too but, that was not how we were raised.

Actually, as we age our genes change. Bits of data are lost over time. Every 10 yrs you gained like a completely new body.

Ah, but one of the things you hit on is hormone based behavior. Some believe that’s why neglectedchildbrainthere is a “gay” gene while others say otherwise and that it’s a learned or preferential. Granted that was like, a discussion of the 70’s that rarely comes up in today’s society. Yet, there is some study proving that attraction is a chemical hormone produced action.

And Visa Versa. A friend of mine once said, “Someone tries to commit the ultimate good can find themselves doing the ultimate bad.” If you get a chance to see that movie, “Homeless to Havard” make sure you have tissues. It is really good though.

True, although one’s nature can change via disease or even via chemicals. Not sure if that falls as the environment or not? As we age our genes change too. It’s kind of tough to figure out wich one effects what though.

I agree, I’m the oldest of 3 girls and although we were all raised very much the same we are quite different. One is rude, disrespectful and has stolen from our parents & yet that’s not how we were raised. As we grow, form bonds and change our own environments even by the people we hang out with all comes into play.


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