It’s the Food

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Did you know the World Health Organization classified processed meats (bacon, sausage,  ham, wieners, deli cuts, etc.) as a Class 1 Carcinogenic, or something that likely causes cancer (at the same level as smoking and asbestos)?

You might have heard something in the news a couple of years ago about this, but then you likely heard that butter was great for you, and fruits and veggies cause diabetes, and carbs make people fat, and a whole lot of other stuff that left you wondering what is true and what is not and who can you trust these days anyways?

You might have visited the Cancer Association website and found “healthy” recipes filled with ground beef and other meats. I mean if they say it’s okay, it must be, right?

This month Netflix released the groundbreaking documentary What the Health.  I believe that everyone needs to watch this movie. Make…

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