Free Will Is Dead It’s All The #Media’s Fault! @DelilahVeronese

cce-media-violenceSo I’ve been taking online classes. We had a couple of interesting Forum discussions. Feel free to comment on my posts & replies to other students. Tell me what your thoughts are?

Does violence in the media cause violence in the real-world? Why or why not? What effect does viewing violence have on an individual?

When I first read what the discussion was, the first thing to pop into my head was, “Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire“. I swear it played all week in my head…..

NO! In one article I read it says media is to blame but, there are all these other things that don’t get taken into account. So the media violence is like to be a 4% risk of an increase in violent behavior. The downfall of many studies are one sided and do not take into account other factors.

Granted when it is young children, if you immerse them in violence it can desensitize them to the suffering of others. The thing is parents allow it by one way or another. Kathrin did a video for her psychology class, “PSY1011 Assignment 1 – media violence exposure, does it influence violent behavior?” Granted she’s not from the US, so she doesn’t realize that the study is based on one of the most violent cities in the US. So based on that study, you would say well of course Media does, till you realize these children, like Kanari Gentry-Bowers, live in an environment where they are shot & killed on the street due to gang violence. History has shown us that violent things are done by violent people and yet none of these events, St. Petersburg Bombing, World Trade Center, Riots in DC, Chemical Weapons in Syria. were due to violence in the media.

By the way, I grew up on SciFi, Action movies and a constant bombardment of the horrors of WW II because my dad was a history buff. Video games were not like they are today but, I’m a gamer. By, the way some studies are slanted I should be extremely violent and hostile. I’d actually say because of it, I’m more cautious of people’s potential to commit harm on others.

PSY1011 Assignment 1 – media violence exposure, does it influence violent behavior?
Video Games Don’t Cause Violent Behavior
The Effects of Media Violence
Does Media Violence Lead to the Real Thing?
The Impact of Electronic Media Violence: Scientific Theory and Research

The thing is you made a choice as a parent to immerse your child in violent content. The blame doesn’t fall on the media if falls on you as the parent.

What do comic books, Elvis Presley, and rock music all have in common with Grand Theft Auto? They’ve all been threatened with censorship.

media-violence-800Although Devin Moore would be a great example if opinions were facts, no offense intended but, it actually a perfect example of media bias. The idea of holding the video game responsible became so inflated that the families of the victims sued Rockstar Studios. The thing is, When Grand Theft Auto was released in 1997 it came out with a rating of M in the US and 18 in the UK. Devin was born in 1985 and was 12 yrs old when it came out. The media has zero mention of how old he was when he got the game but, he couldn’t have legally gotten the game on his own till 2003 when he turned 18. Devin Moore claimed he was innocent due to abuse from his father & the game made him do it. The media doesn’t go any further into abuse or the family environment. All I could find was a statement from Moore’s father, he said after the hearing about his son, “… had trouble disciplining his son for years and that his son deserved to be charged with capital murder.” Like all humans, when put in a stressful situation instincts kick in and flight & fight kick in. This is when people are at their most dangerous, Markieth Loyd. is a perfect example of it. In the end, the gaming defense was thrown out and not allowed.

Often you will find, those that blame the games turn out to have mental health issues.
5 CRIMES Blamed on Video Games
Devin MOORE – Murderpedia
More on Devin Moore’s appeal

Sorry, but where are your facts? The thing is you talk about society then substitute the game for it. The thing is as a parent, you choose to buy a violent game for your child. How well, do you know your child?

Doom. released in 1993, Duke Nukem released in 1991 and Wolfenstein released in 1981 are all 1st person violent games. They are all very gory and violent. I was 17, hen my dad got them. He played them and then allowed me to play them. Does that scare you? My favorite version of Doom is the Santa one where all the monsters have been turned into Santa. Are you scared of me yet? I know these are games, they allow people to blow off steam. Heck, my husband and I will ride the Men in Black ride till I’m ready to hurl because we both enjoy the shooting gallery.

The thing is I don’t have mental issues. I understand society thinks murder is bad. I’m one of the least likely individuals to show up and kill everyone. I think what you’ll find is the behavior you’re blaming on media is not media’s fault. Often, people, myself included, post crimes on our Facebook feeds because we can’t believe the horror and depravity of people. It hurts more when it turns out your best friend from kindergarten’s dad is in the news for molesting her, your husband’s ex-father-in-law is going to jail for child porn or your coworker that you worked with for a year blew her brains out. These are all hard bits of reality. Movies, video games are a way to except those horrors deal with those feelings and still know it’s all just a story. They can even help you move on from those issues or even understand what things were like for the victim & the perp.

You are right, this debate in a way started long ago. Truthfully, centuries, religion, politics, books, radios, TV, comic books, Elvis Presley, music, and video games all in roughly that order have been blamed for the cause of violent acts by men and still are. Although I do have to agree Presley’s hips are a bit provocative, the same can be more than said about Britney Spears & Madonna and society says there’s nothing wrong with it.

As kids, we played dodge ball, cops & robbers, used toy cap guns and yet no one has made any connection as to these being the cause of violence. Now schools send home kids for making their pop tart look like a gun. As children, we knew it was just a fun role playing game. We, new you can’t be shooting people is bad.

There are just stupid people out there and you can’t protect them from their own stupidity. The thing I’ve seen even with fellow students was too much sheltering, too much giving them everything, too much telling them that this or that is owed to them. This creates a false reality. At age 6 most children understand death and there’s no bring back Nana. Those that don’t understand this clearly have issues that parents should address.

You mentioned the goriest movies make the most money. I’m wondering what you consider gory? I agree with Deadpool (Rated R) but, “Finding Dory” sits at number 2. Thisgiphy list is lowest to highest. I can’t believe Dory will cause some poor little 6 year old to grow up and murder people. (Yes, that is a joke)

  • “Deadpool” — $783.1 million. … (Rated R)
  • “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” — $873.2 million. … (Rated PG13)
  • “The Secret Life of Pets” — $875.4 million. … (Rated PG)
  • “The Jungle Book” — $966.5 million. … (Rated PG)
  • “Zootopia” — $1.023 billion. … (Rated PG)
  • “Finding Dory” — $1.027 billion. … (Rated PG)
  • “Captain America: Civil War” — $1.153 billion. (Rated PG13)

The 10 highest-grossing movies of 2016, ranked 

Media in general no but, individuals & teams of people do use social media to spread propaganda and fake news. This is part of the spark of Ferguson & DC riots. It has been known for a long time that many of the mainstream news media do not check their facts.

Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me’

The thing is you made a choice to go that path. I’m not saying it has Zero impact but, you have to see things through a broader spectrum. I don’t care for movies like Saw but some like it because it puts them in a mood, or that they just like to be scared. I don’t care for them or watch them also people blame the movies for murders but fail to realize that some of these gruesome movies are based on prior murders and historical events. “Monster”, is a perfect example of a movie that many people don’t realize happened here in Florida. Granted I was 13 so I recall hearing about it.

I choose to binge watch 8 seasons of “Supernatural“, it doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and start hunting for Vampires & Werewolves. The same can be said about my niece who is 6 yrs old watching a “Steven Universe” Marathon is not going to go out start fights and looking for gems.

People have always been the main cause of violence. Media is an inanimate tool.

nervous_witch_20I’m a firm believer in one should make those decisions for themselves. One of the most dangerous books in the world that have been banned in countries, I’m sure many of you have on a shelf at home. It’s called a bible. History has always shown that banning an item or censoring it just makes it that much more sought after. Heck, it was the whole reason I read Harry Potter, The Pope, and some Wicca leaders wanted the series banned. People put to much fear and power into these things.

I do however believe in ratings. Granted this varies from country to country. In Japan nudity is in children comics but if an adult is in that section they are considered a perve. Same books here in the US tend to be PG or PG13. The problem is we blame media and other things for our own bad decisions and then feel we shouldn’t have to pay the consequences for it. A perfect example is “Legend of the overfiend” Trust me you don’t want to see this movie, it’s really perverse! It’s rated 18+, yet because it’s animated, stupid parents think it is a cartoon for kids and ignore the rating. I scared that mother straight. It’s bad enough dealing with a sister who suffers from Coulrophobia for reading “It” that mom didn’t need kids who were freaked out by octopods.


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  1. Thanks for the link, however, I never have blamed video games for real world violence. A better link on my thoughts about Devin Moore may be this one.

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