What is cultural space?

The TC Neighborhood Project

What is cultural space?  The answer of this question is not easy, because it is complex and it is defined by many factors.  As Martin and Nakayama stated, the cultural space can be physical such as home, (the place where you grew up), or metaphorical such as internet.  This  home is also defined by its location such as neighborhood, city, region and country and the relationship you have with this home .  The other factors that create the cultural spaces are religion practices, food, social networks such as schools, hospitals  (  Kama Trudgen). These factors create your identity.  The combination of these factors and how are they  used create  specific cultural spaces which is unique and has invisible boundary.  But when someone moves from one place to another, these invisible boundaries are interrupted and we face intercultural transitions.  The intercultural transitions are not usually easy and they create misunderstanding…

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