Misinterpreting Non-Verbal Communication

Managerial Communication Everyday

By Justin Bigger:


In Chapter Nine of Management Communication, O’Rourke writes about the importance of non-verbal communication and lays out a framework for interpreting it within a cross-cultural dimension.

I’m sure everyone has misinterpreted nonverbal communication sometime in their past, even if they aren’t aware of it. The difficult thing about non-verbal communication is that it is sometimes difficult for us to even be aware of what particular non-verbal gesture gave us a certain impression of someone else’s feelings. This is especially true if you have known the person for a significant amount of time.

When I first started college, I moved in with a friend that I had known since elementary school. In hindsight, this was a colossal mistake on both of our parts, and the friendship quickly dissolved within a year of becoming roommates. If I think back to what happened, the entire thing fell apart over…

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