Help My family Find Justice Via Crowdfunding

The Unexpected Tale as a Caregiver and How to Do It Better

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I recently saw an interview of Joan Rivers storming out of an interview. Gotta say I love her even more than I already did. She got pissed and stormed out and can’t help, but 100% agree with her.

It’ll never cease to amaze me at how people who are neglectful and do a bad job are praised for it. Here’s a good example. A friend of mine on Facebook has a mom who has not always been well. At times, her mom has really made her life miserable. Despite that, she does what she can for her mom. Why? Cause she knows that despite the misery, her mom’s illness is more to blame than her mom. The moment…

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  1. oneanna65 says:

    Everybody need some ❤ …

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