Chasing Life

So I’m super sucked into this show, Chasing Life. I don’t think my mother would have watched it because it’s about a girl who is in her 20’s and she just found out she has cancer.

There was no worse gut wrenching sound than hearing someone you love puking their guts out due to chemo. As I continue to watch this show the memories of it all comes flowing back. Remembering the day we saw the doctor and he told us how aggressive Lymphoma could be? Till, the lab work came back we feared that there was a huge possibility you may only have months left. We both sat there in his office crying. You’d already overcome almost dying from your stomach bursting and then that infection of MRSA that took your eye. Just when we thought the news couldn’t get any worse on the next visit he said, “The good news was the cancer was a slow-growing one. That if you were to have cancer this would be the one you want. The bad news is your liver is bad and it could kill you before the cancer would.”

Damn it! It was hard staying strong, but I did. So when I saw a friend’s post the other day stating she has cancer, I burst into tears. I’d never wish for anyone or their kids to go through what I did. She’s a single mom and the thought of how hard this will be for her kids is gut wrenching.  A few years back another friend had found out she had cancer. Her daughter still a young teenager. I know when she found out her mom had cancer, it was devastating to her. The word cancer is not scary till it’s you or someone you know. There is no easy way, to break the news or calm the fears of family & friends.

So for those out there just diagnosed here are some points I felt are important to share.

  • Before Chemo, do a will. Let your family know. Make copies and share the copies.
  • Set up a living trust. (Wills can be overturned a living trust can’t be changed. Yes you can do it now.)
  • Decide do, you want a (DNR) Do Not Resuscitate or not.
  • Not everyone dies from fighting cancer but setting up burial in advance will make it easier on your loved ones.
  • Sad, thing is this is when the vultures in your life come out. Choose different people or companies to be your financial & health surrogate.
  • Talk to your family. Let them know how they can pitch in and they will.
  • Pick a format to communicate through. (Email, Blog, Facebook group or page)
  • Do you know what your blood type is? Some types are rare. Regardless of your type, have friends & family donate regularly. Cancer patients become anemic and sometimes need a transfusion.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten the unpleasant part done here’s good stuff.

  • Always consult a doctor before taking any vitamin.
  • Vitamin C is water-soluble. You can’t overdose on it. It will help with the Chemo
  • Chemo can make it hard to eat, but you need to eat. Keep Ensure or Glucerna around. If you can’t eat a meal use that instead. They are easy to digest and contain the nutrients you need.
  • Eat as healthy as possible.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Exercise! I know you are tired, but Exercise boost your immune system which is going to be suppressed by the chemo
  • There is a new test out there that helps make sure you get the type of treatment for the type of cancer you have.
  • It’s natural to lose hope or become depressed. Always talk to your doctor about these type of thoughts.
  • Don’t rough it out. Report all aches & pains no matter how small they are.
  • It may sound gross, but you need to pay attention to your waist. Dark Urine or blood in your stool are signs there’s something wrong. Not deadly wrong, but you need to mention these incidences to your doctor as well.
  • Chemo is hard on your system. Many patients become anemic, meaning your iron levels are low. Your Dr. May prescribe Iron pills but make sure you are eating your green leafy veggies!

…. and remember most important of all….


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