Lake Nona 13.1: Educating Runners While Helping the Community

Do you ever have a brilliant idea at the 11th hour & it’s just kind of to late to do it? Well, I’m going to do it anyway even though it’s after the fact.

If you haven’t already read my earlier posts Trevor’s Fight, Not so subtle reminders or even my friend, J. Greenhood’s blog post Raise your glass to the coach, you should.  This is a continuation into the amazing work that Lake Nona Run Club is doing not just for local families, like Trevor’s but with the help of Coach Beth of Team Vortex & Orlando Orthopaedic Center they are looking out for athletes.

A quick plug for Orlando Orthopaedic Center. Orlando Business Journal is having a second round of Brand Madness. Orlando Orthopaedic has made it into the second round. After reading this I hope you vote for them.

So Greenhood, shared her notes she took from the session on September 24, 2014 but she’s been to 3 of their sessions of ask a doctor. There as been no charge for these sessions & you can ask any questions.  The first session was held at Nona Blue Tavern & the second one was held at the YMCA of Central Florida.  Just last week they had a third session called, ‘ask the Doctor chat‘ which was held online in Facebook. Click the link & you can read the chat. There were tons of great questions from Blisters to injuries & more. The best part was it was always after business hours so it was easy to have time to go.

If you ever have a chance to go to a live session you really should, especially if your new to keeping fit. Both Greenhood & I have been running for less than a year & although neither of us have had the misfortune yet of hurting our selves while running we’ve met many who have.  Have you ever heard, “too much of a good thing can be bad” well it’s actually true.  Over exercising & not stretching properly can lead to stress fractures. Athletes have a tendency to ignore their pain & end up paying for it more later.

Here are some other interesting & helpful facts that they taught….

  • Stress Fractures occur due to over use & increased load or adding extra miles quickly
  • Stress fractures need 4-6 weeks to heal, but can take up to 3-6 months.
  • If the pain makes your time or/& performance to diminish you need to stop
  • Some of the most interesting details was how the army was finding 30% of their recruits were getting injuries. they found that when they increased hamstring stretches, they reduced injuries by 50%.
  • Hamstring stretches help prevent knee injuries.
  • Runners should after a 5 min warm up stop & stretch.
  • Cold stretching is bad
  • Not enough protein in your diet can put you at risk for infection
  • Exercising requires eating CALORIES! So if you burn 1000 calories on that long run you need to eat an extra amount of calories to replenish.
  • (BMR) Basal Metabolic Rate changes with exercise & weight.
  • When you first start working out you gain weight because your gaining muscle.

Well I don’t want to give everything away but on October 20th they will be holding a session of ask the coach chat on their Facebook chat.

You can follow the Lake Nona Half Marathon, Lake Nona Run Club, Orlando Orthopaedic Center & Team Vortex on Facebook.

You can also follow Orlando Orthopaedic Center & Liliana the coach of Lake Nona Run Club on Twitter as well.


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