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How Caregivers are Using Technology

Although I still mourn the loss of my mom, I hate to see others go through a situation like that. While my parents were sick it was hard trying to keep things straight. Here is a list of apps and sites that I found helpful. A friend of mine’s mom recently ended up in the hospital and I decided I should really write this up not just for them but others.  In my attempt to hopefully help them out I did a bit of searching and found some extra articles with some great suggestions listed below….

Pocket is actually not really related, but I always found I didn’t have much time to read. This allowed me to listen to articles being read out loud while I worked or was driving.

Many healthcare/insurance companies now have apps that allow you to keep up your healthcare info on your phone. United Healthcare handles medicare & Medicaid

Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Caring Bridge – I recently learned about this site from a friend who has a sick sister. It’s a great way to allow communication & update for everyone.

Many pharmacies like Walgreen, CVS & even grocery stores like Wal-Mart & Publix have apps to help you manage prescriptions. Click the names for a direct link to the app. If none of these are the store or pharmacy you use just ask and I can find the link for you.

Keeping appointments strait is hard. Google Calendar helps and you can link the calendar on your phone.

Need to keep up with a loved one’s food & exercise? I highly recommend a Fitbit. You can sign up for a free account even if you don’t own one of the Fitbit devices. You can track exercise, diet, sleep, liquid intake, Blood pressure, Heart Rate, Weight and Glucose (Blood Sugar Levels). If you use other tracker type apps you can connect them to the Fitbit account. An alternative apps are My Fitness Pal. My Fitness Pal may not have all the bells & whistles that Fitbit does, but is still great & easy to use. Both also allow for social sharing & cheering. 😀

iTriage – I would describe this app more, but it does so much to help with medical discussions etc. What their little cute video to learn more. This product is no longer available. As of December 31, 2017, iTriage is no longer being supported.

Keep all your families’ health information in one secure up to date place with HealthVault. You can connect from anywhere, organize family health information, be ready for doctor visits and more….

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