Overcoming stress

Have you ever heard of  (HARO) Help A Reporter Out? It’s a site created for businesses and the public to respond to reporter questions for their articles.  I want to open the dialog and hear what others think. Please feel free to comment, reply and post your own responses. I want to know. Jan Tucker of Your Tango was looking for…

In 300 words or less. Serious stress reduction requires one to completely reassess life and adopt new stress-free, healthy habits. If you have removed stress from your life by going against society’s norms and expectations that create massive stress in our lives, please give a brief synopsis of your story and contact information. This is for a book on serious stress reduction and for articles accompanying the book.

Dealing with high anxiety due to caring for 2 sick parents, an in-law being diagnosed with a form of dementia, managing an apartment building and running a business plus decades of bad habits I was a ticking time bomb. I was on the verge of an emotional break down. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse they did. My father suffered from a form of dementia and starts placing false charges against my sister and I. For me this was the point at which I broke.

I was at my wit’s end. I wasn’t sleeping and couldn’t without hitting the Vodka. Not something I’m proud of but we do what we can. After all, lack of sleep just adds to stress. I already couldn’t think straight. I started obsessing about things that use to slightly bother me. It got to the point where I was disrupting my home and driving my husband crazy. I felt like there was nothing out there to help me. As a society we tend to say give me a pill and make it go away. One day I filled out a stress test and requested someone to contact me on how to end it. I was lucky enough to have been contacted by Midwest Center. There were lots of DVD’s but the relaxation CD was the biggest help. It taught me how to relax. It’s amazing how much just that changed my life.

It was amazing years of restless sleep were gone. It sounds silly but learning to relax was not easy. I started off having to follow the techniques several times a day. This one little change encouraged me to look into other ways that would help reduce my stress even more. Since then I’ve changed my eating habits and increased exercising.


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