Trevor’s Fight

Ok this is kind of lazy blog. I am trying to help get the word out about a half Marathon in Lake Nona area in Florida. We couldn’t help but be touched to learn how the event was to help local families who have severely sick children in the area. When we read Jessica’s blog post, “Raise your glass to the coach” we were impressed with Liliana’s passion. A friend of Jessica’s, Julie, said it best, “If ever there was a reason to get off the couch and run 13.1 here it is.” and she’s was right!

So driven that we felt it was important to let you know one of the kids this event will be helping, Trevor Scheerer.  Nothing breaks one’s heart than seeing some one so young go through a fight for their life. In 2012 Trevor was diagnosed with, an extremely rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.

In a way of coping with a child’s illness many parents take to blogging, Trevor’s mom, Jody also has a blog called, Trevor’s Fight. Unfortunately, in today’s high paced society, (Yes, speaking from experience here.), it’s hard to keep up with posting on a blog. Many of the posts and updates their Facebook page are not just about Trevor but many other children are found on Trevor’s Fight.

The following is the rest of Julie’s post was originally posted on Lake Nona 13.1’s page. (Click this link, like the original post and Share please!)

Some of the profits from our race will go to the Scheerer family in Lake Nona. Trevor, their 7 year old, battles a very rare cancer that attacks his soft tissues. Trevor is now cancer free. What most people don’t understand is that the battle doesn’t end once you’re declared cancer free. Here’s an update on Trevor’s health:

The three types of medicine Trevor is taking are:

  • Chemo (Zolinza)- Vorinostat is used to treat a certain type of cancer (CTCL-cutaneous T-cell lymphoma). It works by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells.
  • Nexavar – is an anticancer medicine used to treat a certain type of liver, kidney or thyroid cancer.
  • Thalomid – a drug that affects the immune system, which was also used back in the 50’s for women with insomnia or morning sickness.

Along with this Trevor still takes Bactrim an antibiotic that he has taken from the first day of treatment, to keep him free from infection.

Total cost of these medicines a month are just under $21,000.

At the moment this medicine makes Trevor a little tired. It has allowed him to go to school, play with his friends and live somewhat of a normal life. Trevor is 9 months cancer free at the moment, at first we did MRI and CT scans every 8 weeks. We are now doing it every 3 months with a PET scan every 6 months. These are not cheap just 1 scan meets their yearly deductible, out of pocket, insurance cap. We have to do this for the next 5 years after 3 years the scans are every 6 months, once Trevor has been free for 5 years he will be completely cancer free. (cannot wait for this day). (Trevor’s Fight)

Want to run for Trevor? Sign up!

The link for this race in the beautiful, Medical City area of Laureate park in the Lake Nona area is here.

Learn more about the Lake Nona area by reading the area’s blog.


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3 Responses to Trevor’s Fight

  1. Liliana says:

    Trevor’s mom is Jody :)thanks so much for the article and creating awareness!!!

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