Run away train … Never going back

I never thought I’d enjoy running as much as I do. On the 2nd of February I ran my first 5K. I don’t know what I was expecting but this race was certainly not like anything I could imagine.

I don’t know why other’s did it let alone myself. I didn’t think I was ready. One of my pitfalls is lack of faith in myself. It’s one thing to lie to others another to lie to oneself. So in all honesty I can only say the reason I went was because I was asked. I didn’t fear that I wouldn’t be able to finish. It was only a little over 3 miles and I’ve walked more than that before.  I normally pride myself on not being self conscious but truthfully, I was. Worried about embarrassing myself or those that I was with.

I can honestly say I didn’t expect complete strangers to be excited of others. I can honestly say it’s not something I’ve ever experienced before.  It’s addictive! I hope I don’t ever get use to it or take it for granted. I’ve become so swept up in their enthusiasm and confidence in me, that I decided to go with the flow. So when they asked me to come join them on a run with their group I went.  They asked me to sign up for the 1/2 Marathon in November and I have. I know what was I thinking? I’ll tell you what I was thinking. If they think I can do it then maybe I can. I didn’t think I was ready for a 5k and I was wrong.

On this crazy running journey I’ve learned a lot of things. Many of which I would never would have learned if it wasn’t for others. So when the opportunity to run with the running guru, Danny Dreyer came up I ran for it. (Uhg I know bad pun!) I loved how positive everyone was and how eager Danny and  the other Chi Running/Sole Intent instructors were.  I again didn’t expect the enthusiasm. Although it was cool and foggy it was humid. So it made the run very hard.  Despite all that, it was truly a great run.  The best part was the end of the run. Not because it was over but because there is always a reason for people to be excited. Even if it is just creating a new “PR” (Personal Record).

In all honesty the real reason the end of the run was the best, was because that was when everyone got a chance to talk and trade advise. It’s amazing the things we don’t think of  and how simple little changes make so much of a difference.


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