Run for your life, Why I started to run.

Well, honestly it’s more like Walking & Jogging intervals but I’m working up speed & stamina. I know I could go into the totally unfit and based on internet info I’m 80 lbs over weight but I’m not. I will how ever say I did start walking in 2012 cause of the stress of dealing with my sick parents. It was the only time I could get out of my head. But I wasn’t doing it regularly.

In 2013, life got more stressful but I’m not going to go into that in this post. (I’ll do some back tracking posts.)  I how ever decided I didn’t want to end up like my parents, health wise at least. I still can’t recall how I found out about the 8 weeks to wellness course at the local Extension office but I did. Money was tight and the course was free. I knew I needed a change and I was hoping this would give me guidance I needed.

I learned a lot in that class and the wheels in my head were turning after the 1st week. I’m not sure which week we were on when our teacher mentioned the Couch to 5K program. I honestly have to say I left that class inspired not only by the fact that Mavis Lindgren at age 65 decided to start running and doing marathons, (giving me hope for my mother who is near that age) but, by family & friends. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of my cousin & her family while they are out running. They always looked so happy. I also started to think of one of the first friends I made when we moved to Florida. Her and her husband held a tea party, (Yes, adults do have tea parties and it was awesome!), that I stood there listening to her and her friends talking about all the fun they have on their runs. I can honestly say that up to that point running was like a chore. I didn’t know that it could be fun. So although I didn’t know it yet I was inspired. So with all this inspiration building up I decided to run with it, LOL! (Pun unintended, 😀 )

In all honesty it just seemed that the universe aligned it’s self to help me stumble upon the things I needed to keep me on this path. Again I don’t recall how it had happen or if this is before I found and downloaded the Couch to 5K app but I learned about a local exercise health event. To be honest this was totally out of my comfort zone. Glad I did it though. I didn’t realize it at the time but this was the 1st day of the rest of my life moment. The moment were I realized I can do this, It’s not so bad. Ok granted getting a free shirt and cool Pedometer, (which I am pining over for loosing) didn’t hurt. This event really changed my life. If it hadn’t been for that event I wouldn’t have known about the 90 day walk challenge.

Ok now honestly I don’t like to brag but I am proud of what I’ve accomplished since then. I’m not bragging to say oh look at how awesome I am. I’m bragging to say, “come join me! You can do this too! I’ll help you.”. The 90 day challenged started 11/16/2013. As of today 1/28/14 I’ve walked/jogged/run 614,557 steps, 262 miles and in 12th place out of 33 participants. There are 17 days left in this challenge to hit 630,001 steps. I’m only 15444 away from that goal! That’s like 2 days if I meet & exceed my daily goal! Lets just say I didn’t realize all this till today! So yes I am very excited.

The best part is these are just mile stones. I’m not going to stop. Of course so glad I signed up for that 5K with a friend now!

Ok so this turned out longer than I expected. I know I said why I run is to not be like my parents. Many exercise to lose weight and that’s their goal. I’ve done that in the past and lost hope due to lack of results. One thing the 8 weeks class taught me was to do small steps and think about a different goal to look at to not lose hope.

If you knew my dad you’d know my biggest fear was becoming arthritic, unable to move and always in pain. Jumping form unhealthy fad diet to the next. I saw what was happening to him with the diets and the medications for arthritis and I got scared! My goal is to just make healthy lifestyle changes & do my best. I don’t deny myself cake but I do use a lot of tools and things to help me make better decisions about what I eat. I also have a lot of people who have helped and motivated me.

 Oh and one last thing! Something I thought I’d never say, I actually fit into clothes I wore in high school.


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One Response to Run for your life, Why I started to run.

  1. Nanna says:

    Really, really awesome. Good for you!!

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