Cancer is cured, but…

My husband watched a video on this and I was inspired. I’m a firm believer in not being dependent on other to do for you. I mean Shit, I almost lost my mom. I’ve lost family and friends to cancer. Why should anyone have to loose their dad like this kid if there is a cure out there.

Cancer is cured

I stumbled onto the cure for cancer one morning browsing the internet, saw the story was four years old and nearly dismissed it. But we did lose our Beloved hardly a year ago through a devastating cancer within four months.
And when I glibly mentioned it to my 11-year-old on our way to school, she simply said: “You mean Dad could have been saved?” “No. Not in his time… Maybe later…”
But she ferociously started a campaign at school; on Facebook; posting video’s; making slideshows; getting the message out there:  telling the world cancer was cured.
And my mind was made up. I was phoning the University of Alberta in Canada. This is the result…

Cancer is cured. A simple drug called DCA got the better of it. It is inexpensive, non-toxic, has little side-effects and “cheats” cancer cells into “committing suicide” without harming healthy cells.

Brain cancer has been…

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