The misadventures in care-giving….

There are tons of topics and things I’d love to write about to help others but sometimes I come across something and I’m just compelled to do it now. Wish I was this passionate about everything.

It’s almost torture reading the posts on sites of the pain and struggle adult children go through looking for care for their parents.  The stories that hurt the most to read are ones so similar to my own or worse. When I was growing up I always excused my father’s verbal abuses. It wasn’t till I was older and on my own that I taught to see how wrong it was. I never had a problem seeing how wrong it was with others but when it came to being about myself it was ok.

It takes years, sometimes one’s whole life to overcome the pain of being abused. I know I’ve touched on this topic before but on a personal level. I felt it’s important to know one is not alone in struggling with the issues of caring for abusive parents.   When I read, “Caregiver can’t get help for my dad.” on Aging Care‘s message boards I felt compelled to help even if it wasn’t much. It was nice to see how others were also trying to help.

Last year when I took this path I felt alone and helpless. It felt like there was nothing but roadblocks everywhere. There is information out there but it’s hard to find.  The plus side to Aging Care’s website is it has many helpful articles that help me feel better about the decision I’ve made. I’m not going to drone on about each one & just list a couple of them that one should read if they find they need to care for an abusive elder.

Caring for aging parents who didn’t care for you. by Carol Bradley Bursack

How to Arrange Elderly Care When You Don’t Want To by Carol Bradley Bursack

Elders Abusing Their Adult Children Who Are Taking Care of Them by Carol Bradley Bursack

How to Handle Bad Behavior Problems by Elderly Parents by Marlo Sollito

How to Forgive Your Elderly Loved One and Move Past Their Bad Behavior by Marlo Sollito


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