Dear Dr. Oz,

Have a Large Medical Bill Insurance Won’t Pay?

I actually came across this today and felt it was not only important to share but why I applied to it. So please feel free to comment share and if you enter too please feel free to share.

The bills actually are not mine. It’s a long story but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible as I’m being sent collection notices on the bills. I’m not one for trying to get on some show but then again you are not Jerry Springer. I do want to say my reason for submitting this is not only to pay off this $30,000+ bill but to help others be aware and maybe resolve the issue head on. In all honesty I don’t even care if I got the bills paid. Letting others know about this issue is more important to me than anything. So even if I’m not selected can you please help me get this type of issues out?

In 2012 my mom ended up in the hospital due to lymphoma of the stomach. Little did we know that my father was so dependent on my mom. The signs were there but, we just weren’t involved enough to see it. Nor did my parents ask for help. Sadly their lack of planning for elder care compounded the situation. It became quickly evident to my sister and I that my father was having issues. Our whole lives growing up and as an adult have evolved around him and his arthritis.

My whole life my father’s been taking NSAIDS and Opioids for the pain. He had been on both Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen and Fentanyl for years. He had needed a knee replacement for over a decade. Now that he was on Medicare he wanted to have it done. This gave him the excuse to not do physical therapy and continue to use a mobile scooter around the house. His mobility continued to deteriorate. (Although he blames others it appears that it’s mostly due to his lack of doing therapy before and after the surgery.) He would have accidents and not just the kind where you fall but incontinence as well. It got to the point where a medical bed was ordered for the living room. Eventually he gave up on using the bathroom and then got a commode. He was literally living in the living room with nothing but a diaper on all prior to my mom getting ill. Due to his lack of mobility he developed bed sores. So nurses started to come in to bath him and bandage the sores on his bottom.

When my mom got sick we realized that the incontinence was not once in awhile but on a regular basis. There would be calls several times a day to come clean up a mess. Due to his personal lack of hygiene he had gotten skin infections that unfortunately both my sister and I ended up getting. The sores and infections were getting worse. He’d fall asleep when the nurses were there to care for him. It was then that we discovered he had not been using his Fentanyl patches properly. He’d become combatant with one of the nurses to the point that we had to cancel his care with the nurse. It was suggested he go to the hospital or see a Dr. All which he fought us on.

Not that the infections and excessive sleeping didn’t alarm us enough but we noticed other issues as well, such as: Self medicating, Nystagmus, Hypotension (which he normally has Hypertension), cold when the house is at 80 degrees, clamminess , complaints of difficulty going to the bathroom yet suffering from constant bouts of Diarrhea, straining to pee, Edema, frequent falling, numbness in fingers, and skin feels like it is being burned when cold creams are applied.

My sister and I started doing research on his medicines he’d refuse to go to the Dr. We came to the frightening realization that he was having complications from his meds. Most if not all these complications can be caused by Fentanyl. But it was really even worse than that. Our worst fear was that he was addicted to the medication. In May, I came by to check on my dad he was passed out. When he woke up he asked me to help him up. He was covered in his own waste and then passed out again. My sister and I jumped into action and took 2 days to file a Marchman Act. Normally if they are not ambulatory they go to a clinic. Since he was ambulatory he ended up at a nursing home. Because he’s a difficult person to deal with I couldn’t care for him but he couldn’t be home on his own. Medicare only covers so much so there are Hospital bills, Nursing home bills and more to be paid.

Since there was no one else I made the decision of keeping him there till they couldn’t keep him no more since we couldn’t pay. The story gets worse from there and other things had happened but this gives you a jest of how I ended up being held responsible for paying my father’s medical bills.

Sorry it’s so long and if you want more details just feel free to contact me. Preferably via phone. Thanks in advance and for all the good you guys do on your show.


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