It is not my intention to ever be preachy on here, but this first major post will be. I’ve been thinking about what major thing I should write about for weeks. It was only recently that I’ve had time to really sit down and think. Well, actually it’s more like be bludgeoned in the head with.

So I won’t go into my religion, and I do not normally listen to the Christian radio station, but from time to time I’d catch shows like Focus on the Family or Adventures in Odyssey and really enjoy the programs. There is something about them that makes you feel really good. You feel good in a way I can’t really explain.  Well last Sunday, (July 14), I was in the car and Unshackled came on (Channel WVFA 90.5). I’d only heard the intro and I knew I wanted to hear the thing but couldn’t. So I decided to see if I could find it online and listen to it.  It was late so I waited till Monday morning to listen to it. The piece was “Ellis Lucas Pt. 1″. I’ll provide direct links to the podcast at the end of this article.

I’m not going to reiterate the story, but it starts off with a distraught angry young man pissed off at his dad, so right off the bat I was hooked. It reflected how I felt every time I argued with my father. Had I known what an emotional roller-coaster ride this story would be for me, I may not have listened to it. So yes, now I’m hooked waiting for part 2.

It was so odd how the story reflected my life. Granted I was the oldest of three, a brother and a sister. Dealing with an over hypocritical father is difficult. Living thousands of miles away seems to be the only way we get along. My father has always been, stubborn, pig-headed, cantankerous and extremely unyielding.  Before the move both my parents worked all the time.  I’d love to say my father was hardly ever home but it was quite the reverse. We all were hardly home spent most of the time sleeping in the office building.

I really thought that when we moved to Hell Gate, FL that everything would be better. I was 15 when we moved. The move was harder on my brother than myself. I don’t think it affected Netanya, but probably because she was still very young. Even at 32, my brother Steve still claims the move one of the biggest and most harmful moments in his life.

Some of the things Ellis went through growing up such as bullying also occurred in my life, but nothing as harmful as what he went through. No one ever pushed or shoved me, just teasing. Ellis turned to drugs, but I just looked forward to graduating and moving away. Although I don’t recall Netanya or Steve being bullied, both had their blows with drugs.

When they got to the part where Ellis’ mom had cancer, I started to bawl. I’m glad my mom didn’t die, but when he said he wished it was his dad I could relate. After her first week in the hospital I started to feel like that.  I’ll go more into that in a future post.

I think what got me the most, is that Ellis had a hard time dealing with the stress and depression. He had people around him that loved him, but no one really knew how to help him. I believe a lot of things can help one get through things like this, but sometimes you just have to get overly preachy and hope it sinks in. I don’t think praying is the answer to all problems, but I do believe that there is something calming at times about religious settings. Just have to find one that suits you.

I’m sure Ellis will be heading down the road of becoming a minister like his mom predicted. As for me, my journey of dealing with stress is just beginning and despite how uncomfortable I feel in a religious setting, I think I’ll try to start going.

I just hope that for those out there suffering, whether it’s stress, drugs, or something else, that maybe listening to this podcast or some of the other podcasts will help you too!

Ellis Lucas Part 1 (Windows Player)  (RealPlayer)


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